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Technology Innovation System

TCL Corporation technological innovation system is composed of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Technology Center, as well as 16 R & D centers of subordinate industries. Currently, it has nearly 5,300 high-quality R & D personnel in the world, of which the staff with middle and senior technical title accounts for 42%, with more than 7000 sets of development software, instruments and equipments at international advanced level; over 100,000 square meters of R & D office; nine labs accredited and certified by CNAL national product; six joint laboratories with internationally renowned companies; one postdoctoral station. In 2013, the Group is expected to invest 2.3 billion yuan in R & D.

TCL Corporation is one of the few global enterprises with multimedia, mobile communications and 8.5-generation LCD panel. The company will give full play to synergies in products, research and development and management of TCL Multimedia, TCL Communication and CSOT by integrating resources, and actively seek substantive breakthroughs in intelligent products, cloud computing and network technology applications, operating systems and application software and new display technologies, continue to strengthen the strength and thickness of technological innovation to enhance the overall competitive advantage of the company and TCL brand in the international consumer electronics industry.

TCL Corporation has formed the technology research and development system managed by the Group’s Technology and Patent Management Committee, with core technology research and development led by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the technology center as management platform, and composed of 23 R & D institutions worldwide.

TCL’s Industrial Technology Research Institute is directly under TCL headquarters, which are both the central R & D department and incubator of TCL core technologies. Around the two strategic directions of "3C Integrated Digital Home Systems and Infrastructure Software Platform Development" and "new display technology", the Institute focuses on the research of intelligent terminal technology, digital video and algorithm-based software technology platform, cloud framework and cloud computing, innovative products and services, relying on user experience research, to continue the exploration and development of new products and technologies.