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2014 IFA Exhibition
"Quantum dot display technology award"


  • TCL was awarded the "2013-2014 Global Consumer Electronics Top 50", selected into "Global Consumer Electronics 50" and "TOP 10 China's Leading Consumer Electronics Brands" for six consecutive years, ranking top of Chinese TV brands list.
  • TCL was awarded the "Quantum dot display technology award" of 2014 IFA Exhibition
2013"Global Consumer Electronics Top 50"
"China's Top 10 Leading Consumer Electronics Brands"


  • TCL Corporation won the "2013 Marketing Innovation Outstanding Case Award"
  • TCL Corporation won the "2013 Chinese Entertainment Marketing Case TOP 10"
  • In the 35th Conference of National Quality Management Group, TCL Corporation won the honorary title of "Quality Benchmark Demonstration Unit" and "Excellent Enterprise of National Quality Management Group Activities"
  • TCL Corporation was awarded the "Innovations Award" issued by China Management Mode Excellence Award Council
  • Chairman of TCL Corporation- Tomson Li, was named by Forbes Chinese Edition as "2013 China 50 Best CEO"
  • At the 46th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), TCL has been selected into "Global Consumer Electronics Top 50" and "China's Top 10 Leading Consumer Electronics Brands" for five consecutive years, and won the heavyweight single product award "Annual intelligent cloud TV", and the ranking in the "Global Top 20 TV Brands" rises from sixth last year to fifth, ranking first in the Chinese TV brands
  • TCL Corporation Leadership Development Institute won the "TOP 100 Global Business Schools" and "Best Achievement Award"
"Asia's Best Employer Brand Award"


  • TCL brand was named "2012 Global Competitiveness brand • China TOP10, Most Competitive Green Brand"
  • Chairman of TCL Corporation- Tomson Li, was named "Top Ten Chinese Mobile Phone Outstanding Figures" at the "2012 China Mobile Phone Contest Awards Ceremony"
  • TCL Corporation was awarded "Asia's Best Employer Brand Award"
  • In the 2012 (the Eighth) China Digital TV Industry Development Summit Forum, TCL won three awards of "2012 Top Ten Flat-panel TV", "2012 TOP5 China Flat-panel TV Energy-saving Star" and "2012 Consumer Favorite Flat-panel TVs Brand"
  • TCL was named the "2012's Most Trusted Enterprise" by the 2012 China Influence Summit Organizing Committee
  • TCL Corporation won the "2012 Government Quality Award in Guangdong Home Appliance Industry"
  • At the 45th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on, TCL Corporation was named "TOP 50 Global Consumer Electronics", "the Sixth Global TV Brand" and "TOP 10 China Leading Consumer Electronics Brands", and for the first time won the individual award of "Annual intelligent cloud computing TV"
"2011 Global Competitiveness Brand
China TOP 10"


  • At the 44th U.S. International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), TCL’s annual innovative product- smart Internet3D TV won the two awards of "2011 CES Global Quality Flat-panel TV" and "2011 CES Best All-around 3D TV."
  • P6100 series won the "2010 Best Satisfaction" award and the "Pioneer China" 2010-11 Best All-around 3D Technology Award
  • At the 44th International Consumer Electronics Show, TCL ranked 25th in the "Top 50 Global Consumer Electronics" sixth in the global TV brands
  • TCL was awarded "China's Most Respected Companies. Decade Achievement Award"
  • TCL won the "2011 New Consumer Assured Brand" award in the fifth "3 • 15 trusted brands (products)"
  • TCL was identified as the first national innovative enterprise
  • In 2011 Smart TV Market Development Forum, "smart Hyun visual wonders" were swept "the most influential smart TV brand" and "2011 Best quality intelligent 3D TV" double awards
  • In the evaluation of "2011 China's most valuable brand”, TCL had brand value of 50.118 billion yuan, ranking first in the TV manufacturing industry
  • TCL LCD TV backlight control system and method won China Patent Gold Award
  • TCL won "2011 Global Competitiveness Brand • China TOP 10"
  • The 2011 "25 most influential business leaders" was announced, the globalization pioneer- Tomson Li from TCL was awarded the lifetime achievement award
China’s most valuable TV brands


  • TCL Corporation was awarded “Top 50 Global Electronic Consumer Brands”, with its ranking rising to 26 from 32 in 2009.
  • TCL was honored "Top 20 Global Television Manufacture” and was selected as “Top 10 China Electronic Consumer Brand” for four consecutive years.
  • TCL was awarded "Best Branding Image Prize in 60 years of China” and won "Top Ten Classic Corporate Cases 60 years of China" in China Brand Forum in 2009.
  • Li Dong Sheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, was honored as one of "Meritorious Figure of Chinese brand" in 2009
  • TCL Corporation kept its first place rank as the number one TV brand in China in 2010. As one of China’s most valuable brands, TCL’s total brand value in 2010 was RMB 45.808 billion.
60 Most Influential Brands


  • TCL Corporation was awarded one of Top 10 Philanthropic Corporate
  • TCL Corporation was awarded “60 Most Influential Brands in 60 Years of New China.”
  • Li Dong Sheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, received the award for “Outstanding Contribution to a Chinese Brand.”
  • TCL Corporation kept its first place rank as the number one TV brand in China in 2009. As one of China’s most valuable brands, TCL’s total brand value in 2009 is listed at RMB 41.738 billion.
  • TCL Corporation was awarded as one of the “60 Most Influential Brands in 60 Years of New China.”
  • Li Dong Sheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, was awarded by CCTV as one of “China Business Leader of the Decade.”


  • At the end of April, the Chinese color TV industry announced its overall annual industry evaluation, at which TCL won four awards, namely, “Annual Award for Internationally Successful Digital TV in China”, "Annual Award for LCD TV", “Annual Award for Green Health Product" and "Consumers’ Favorite Color TV Brand.
  • In June, the IGRS series standard, which is jointly initiated by corporations such as TCL and Lenovo, was officially accepted as ISO International Standard, thus making China’s first ever International Standard in the area of information technology.
  • On November 12th, TCL Corporation signed an agreement with the 16th Asian Games Organizing Committee, becoming the Official Partner of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.
  • RREEF issued “The Most Valuable Brand List in China” in New York, on which TCL ranks first in China’s color TV industry with a total of RMB40.869 billion.


  • January 8,TCL’s color TV core technology wins an Emmy Award, the first time a Chinese company has won the award.
  • February 14, TCL is designated a "Most Competitive Brand" by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
  • July, TCL’s E72 color shell LCD TV won Germany’s Red Dot award, receiving the 2007 award for product design.


  • On December 5, China’s list of Most Valuable Brands was released. According to the data, the value of the TCL brand ranked 3rd at RMB 36.2 billion, having moved up from its previous ranking of 6th place in 2005.
  • On December 9, company president Mr. Li Dongsheng won "The Most Influential Enterprise Leader in China" again.


  • On January 16, company president Mr. Li Dongsheng was honored as one of "Guangdong’s 2004 Top 10 Economically Influential Persons".
  • On May 23, company president Mr. Li Dongsheng was honored as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneur Leaders in China.
  • On June 11, TCL was honored as one of the 2004 Most Respected Enterprises in China.
  • On June 17, the 2005 report of the Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises was released, ranking TCL at 3rd place.
  • On November 6, the 2005 China’s Top Valuable Brands report was released, which ranked TCL at 6th place with a brand value of RMB 33.66 billion.
  • On November 20, the TCL Corporation was given the 2005 China Charity Award by the PRC’s Ministry of Civil Affairs - it was the only consumer electronics enterprise to win the award in that year.


  • On February 6th, President Li Dongsheng was commended as the "Annual Economic Character in Asia,2003" by international journal Fortune.
  • In June, TCL was selected as the "Most Prestigious Corporation of 2003-2004".
  • On June 9th, TCL won the special grade technological prize in Guangdong Province.
  • On June 30th, TCL was at third place and second place respectively on the list for the 50 biggest enterprises and the 50 biggest industrial enterprises in Guangdong.
  • On September 3rd, Jacques Chirac, President of France, interviewed President Li Dongsheng at the office of the president, and awarded president Li the National Medal of Honor of France.


  • 5 December - the results of China’s Most Valuable Brand were announced. TCL’s brand equity was valued at RMB 26.712 billion, ranking sixth.


  • 1999 TCL was certified by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce as a famous brand name in the PRC.