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Chairman & CEO

Currently the company's chairman and CEO, initiator of the company, representative of National People's Congress. President of China Video Industry Association; chairman of Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Chamber of Commerce; Vice President of China Chamber of International Commerce; Executive Member of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Born in July 1957, graduated from Radio Department of South China University of Technology.

In 1996, he served as Chairman and President of TCL Corporation.

He has won the title of CCTV China Economic Person of the Year for three times.

In 2004, he was named by Fortune Magazine as "2004 Asia annual economic figures"; elected as the world's 25 most influential business people by the US TIME and CNN in 2004;

In 2007, he won the Chicago Sino-US Forum "Business Leaders Wisdom Award";

In 2013, he ranked in the list of Forbes "China 50 Best CEO".

  • Lianming Bo

    Male, Executive Director of the Company, President (COO), CEO of CSOT. Born in April 1963, Ph.D., graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University, joined TCL in May 2000.

  • Xubin Huang

    Male, Executive Director of the Company, CFO. Born in November 1965, master’s degree, graduated from the Science of Finance of the graduate school of the Ministry of Finance, EMBA graduation from CEIBS in 2010, Joined TCL in March 2001.

  • George Guo

    Male, Executive Director of the Company, Senior Vice President, CEO of TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited. Born in June 1963, US citizen, PhD.He joined TCL in July 2001.

  • Steven Shi

    Male, currently TCL Corporation Senior Vice President, President of System Technology Business Division. Born in October 1966, graduated from Radio Department of South China University of Technology. He joined TCL in March 1990.

  • Yan Xiaolin

    Male, currently the Company's CTO. Born in November 1966, Ph.D., graduated from Institute of Plasma Physics of Chinese Academy. He joined TCL in May 2001.

  • Huang Wei

    Male, currently TCL Corporation Vice President. Born in October 1963, MBA. He joined TCL in May 1998.

  • Chen Weidong

    Male, currently the company's Vice President, CEO of Home Appliances Group. Born in August 1969, graduated from Business Administration Department of Northwest Normal University, EMBA at college. He joined TCL in July 1996.

  • Hao Yi

    Male, currently the Company's Vice President, CEO of TCL Multimedia Company. Born in June 1973, Bachelor of Economics, York University in Toronto, EMBA. He joined TCL in March, 2004.