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TCL Corporation deepens international strategy as the China-Europe Block Train arrives in Warsaw

June 24th,2016

      The China-Europe Block Train laden with cargo that had departed from Chengdu in the western part of China arrived in Warsaw, its final destination, on June 20th after a 13-day journey. The train, which had followed the route of the ancient Silk Road, witnessed a beautiful natural landscape as well as economic and trade development along the route during the trip. Leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was in the middle of a state visit to Poland, together with corporate representatives from both countries, including Tomson Li Dongsheng, chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, greeted the arrival of the train in a grand ceremony held at Warsaw Central Railway Station. President Xi also expressed his blessings and vision for the China-Europe Block Train and the continuing economic development between the two countries.

      Original electronic products from TCL’s Chengdu factory took up 30 of the train’s 41 new container cars, roughly 80 per cent of total cargo. All the electronic goods on the train will be sold across Europe after assembly at TCL’s factory in Poland. The factory is China’s largest manufacturing facility in Poland. During the past three months, TCL delivered more than 400 containers of electronic products to Poland over the China-Europe Block Train route. In March 2016, the load on the first block train to leave Chengdu consisted solely of components for TCL's flat TVs.

      TCL's 105,000 square-meter factory in Zyrardow, Poland is the largest manufacturing facility in that city and China’s largest manufacturing facility in the country. TCL has five production lines at its Polish factory, each capable of assembling 4.5 million TVs annually. Most of the factory's 284 employees are natives of Zyrardow with some employees having worked there for 13 years. In terms of delivery of the final products, Poland, an important transport hub in Europe, is one day away from Frankfurt and Paris and three days away from more peripheral markets such as Lisbon and Madrid. Up to 90 per cent of the components produced at the factory are delivered via rail.

      TCL chairman and CEO Li said during an interview that, thanks to the increasingly strong industrial competences of Chinese companies and the improved infrastructure between the two countries, more Chinese companies can be expected to establish a presence in Poland and even to go as far as setting up Chinese industrial parks with the support of the two governments, as part of efforts to help Poland meet its industrial recovery goal in tandem with China’s strong skills and experience in manufacturing.