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Great Potential in Cooperation between Chinese and Polish Enterprises

July 05th,2016

      During Chairman Xi Jinpin’s visit to Poland, Tomson Li, Chairman of TCL Corporation, was invited to attend the China-Poland Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum and China-Poland Online Silk Road Economic Cooperation Summit on June 20. During the forum, Tomson Li shared international strategy of TCL with Chinese and Polish statesmen and entrepreneurs and expressed his views on the approach for the cooperation between Chinese and Polish enterprises.

      On the China-Poland Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum, President Jiang Zengwei of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Deputy Minister Magesiji of the Poland Economic Development Ministry were present together with Chinese and Polish entrepreneurs. Tomson Li said that Poland was one of China’s most important partners in the “16+1” cooperation for the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. Poland has always been China’s largest trade partner in Central and Eastern Europe while China is the largest Asian trade partner of Poland. In 2015, the volume of the bilateral trade between the two countries was up to 17 billion dollars. Tens of Chinese enterprises, including TCL Corporation, have recently invested nearly 1.3 billion dollars in total in Poland and provided more than 14,000 jobs, 80% of which are taken by Polish workers. At present, TCL has businesses related to color TVs, mobile phones and air conditioners in Poland.

      Tomson Li also pointed out the three key points to successful cooperation between Chinese and Polish enterprises:

      I. It is necessary to localize, establish a production base and R&D center, and contribute to local employment and economic development.

      When TCL acquired the color TV sector of Thomson 12 years ago, it also took over the color TV factory in Zyrardow, Poland. Through automatic and intelligent renovation, this factory can output as many as 4.5 million TV sets per year over recent years. Its products can be delivered to all countries in Europe within 3 days.

      II. It is advisable to conduct win-win cooperation with local partners. A suitable local partner can help to boost business in a more efficient and effective manner. Accelerating localization to cut the time cost arising from adaptation to the local market was a common practice among many transnational enterprises when they just entered the Chinese market in wake of the reform and opening up policy. This is also TCL’s successful experience in overseas business expansion for years.

      III. It is imperative to grasp the opportunities generated by internet application and services. In this domain, China leads the way for the whole world. Chinese enterprises also seize every opportunity in Poland to innovate their business mode in combination with internet applications.

      On China-Poland Online Silk Road Economic Cooperation Summit, Chairman Tomson Li delivered a keynote speech entitled “To grasp new opportunity and strive for development with mutual benefit”.

      Chinese enterprises export advanced industrial capacity to Poland. Currently, since Poland is devoted to re-industrialization while China is promoting international capacity cooperation, the two countries have been furthering their cooperation in such aspects as energy, infrastructure, traffic and logistics. Industrial capacity is one of the advantages of Chinese enterprises. Localization by establishing a production base and R&D center in Poland is an important access for Chinese enterprises to the re-industrialization of Poland.

      Along with the progress of Made in China 2025, Chinese enterprises have exported advanced industrial capacity to Poland. TCL has been updating its intelligent manufacturing as required by the criteria of Made in China 2025. Notably, its CSOT represents the highest level of Chinese manufacturing. TCL is now transferring its state-of-the-art intelligent technologies to the factory in Poland to elevate efficiency and quality.

      It is wise to cooperate with excellent Polish enterprises engaged in internet application services. In the field of internet application and service, China is one of the most momentously and healthily growing countries, second only to America.

      The thriving of Chinese internet technologies has given rise to some internet tycoons and spurred industrial enterprises to finish industrial updates and transformation oriented in intelligence and internet through the innovative business mode of “product + service”. TCL will make use of its advantages in Europe and seize opportunities.

      TCL was one of the earliest manufacturing enterprises to undergo the “Internet Plus” update and transformation. It hopes that it can build partnership with prominent internet application service enterprises from Poland and even all European countries to construct a business eco-circle featuring TV + content service.

      (Contributed by President Office of TCL Corporation)