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“Most goods in the train provided by TCL”- President Xi Jinping introduced TCL in Poland

July 05th,2016

     12 years ago, TCL established its Polish plant witnessed by Hu Jintao, previous State President. 12 years later, present State President Xi Jinping introduced TCL in Poland. The rapid overseas development of TCL depends on the country’s powerful support over the past 12 years!

      The first enterprise line of the Sino-Euro Fast Train opened in this March was exclusively for TCL

     At 18:00, June 20, 2016 (local time), with a loud siren, the China-Europe Block Train sprayed with the unified logo drove into the Polish Warsaw Prague Cargo Terminal slowly. Xi Jinping and Duda walked to the railway platform, and waved to the train starting from remote Chengdu, China. Meanwhile, a train to the opposite direction departed from Warsaw full of local goods going to the east. The two leaders shook hands and congratulated each other amid warm applause on site.

     Polish Apple and TCL color televisions

     The first unified brand China-Europe Block Train arrival in Europe (Poland) is another significant achievement in the “One Belt and One Road” railway path jointly built between China and countries along the Silk Road after the first China-Europe Block Train track was dredged formally in March 2011. It has already operated 1,700 times between 16 Chinese cities and 12 European cities, which has not only promoted the Sino-European economic development, but also brought huge convenience to the life of people in both areas. In the ceremony, two items left a deep impression on people. One was the big red apple from Poland to China, and President Xi Jinping was invited to taste one apple after the ceremony and praised it “tastes good”. The other was the TCL color television (element) from Chengdu to Poland. President Xi Jinping and Chairman Li of TCL Corporation stood together. While pointing at the newly arrived train, President Xi introduced to President Duda, “most goods in that train are provided by TCL.” Superior goods represented by red apples and TCL color televisions will be delivered to hundreds of millions of Sino-Euro families through the China-Europe Block Train and “One Belt and One Road”.

     It’s the opportunity to enhance TCL’s international image

     To TCL's domestic and overseas employees' excitement, Chairman Li was the only Chinese entrepreneur that appeared in President Xi Jinping’s trip in Poland. It is closely related with his personal high political sensitivity.

     On June 7, Chairman Li was interviewed by Su Yong, Dean of the Institute of Oriental Management, Fudan University, in Shenzhen. After the interview, he prepared to go to the airport. His colleague told him that the China-Poland Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum would be held in Poland at the end of June and President Xi Jinping would attend. Tomson Li instinctively discerned the importance of the news! The country is vigorously advocating the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, and Poland is the portal of Europe. Among more than 60 countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, Central and East European countries, such as Poland, occuy one fourth. President Xi Jinping’s visit to Poland surely signifies that the construction of the “One Belt and One Road” reaches a new milestone. There are few Chinese enterprises settled in Poland and TCL Polish plant is the largest Chinese industrial manufacturing project in Poland. As the beneficiary of the “One Belt and One Road”, TCL has the responsibility to advocate the country’s good policies. If Chairman Li can appear in Poland together with President Xi Jinping, he not only can improve TCL’s international image, but also significantly symbolize Chinese enterprises’ oversea export influence via “One Belt and One Road”.

      “Go to check if the news is accurate!” Chairman Li told his colleague.

     Joint effort in three areas

     From this March, there are TCL cargo trains delivering from Chengdu to Poland, and CCTV also interviewed TCL Chengdu plant and “Sino-Euro Fast Train – TCL Special Train” with the theme of “One Belt and One Road” in the beginning of June. A few days after Chairman Li expressed paying attention to the issue, the Chengdu plant called the headquarters and called the “TCL Special Train” would be replaced with a brand-new cargo train for the ceremony. Leaders from China and Poland would embrace the arrival of the train.

     Since TCL's special train would appear in the ceremony, Chairman Li will surely attend the ceremony!

     First of all, the corporation headquarters required TCL Beijing branch to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed that the list of attending the ceremony was fixed. No enterprise representative was arranged. Then Chengdu plant found the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland through Chengdu Municipal Government and desired that the representative of the TCL Polish plant can be qualified to attend the ceremony. After confirming the Chinese-funded background of the TCL Polish plant, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland agreed to invite Chairman Li to attend and Embassy of China in the Republic of Poland offered assistance during the whole process.

     After the joint effort of Beijing, Chengdu and Poland, the good news came around! Chairman Li was confirmed to attend the ceremony!

     An episode happened where Chairman Li was appointed to arrive in Poland at noon of June 19, but the ceremony was fixed to be held in that day. In order to guarantee a completely safe plan, the Foreign Affairs Department of the Corporation strove to reserve the air ticket one day earlier. A group led by Chairman Li arrived in Poland on the morning of June 19 and finally the ceremony was confirmed to be held on the afternoon of June 20.

     On June 20, it was a heavy rain in almost all of Warsaw in the daytime. At dusk, approaching the ceremony, the clouds disappeared and the rain stopped, there was even a dash of gold in the west sky. At 18:05, the first unified brand China-Europe Block Train, which ran for 12 days, finally arrived at Warsaw Prague Cargo Terminal as people waited warmly.

     Overlooking the past twelve years

     With the international ups and downs of TCL in the past decade, the Polish plant became the best footnote of TCL in overseas transformation and upgrades. In 2004, TCL merged the Global 500 Thomson’s color TV business, and took over its color TV manufacturing plant in Zyrardow, Poland. Today, TCL's Polish plant has already become the largest Chinese industrial manufacturing project in Poland. There are 284 employees and some are from the Thomson era. After automation transformation in recent years, the annual production of the Polish plant can reach 4.5 million. Products made here can be delivered to all the European countries within three days.

     Before the Sino-Euro Train track was dredged, TCL realized delivering color TV components from Mainland China to the Polish plant via sea transportation. From Huizhou, Shenzhen, Hamburg to Poland, it took 38 days via sea transportation. Though it was cheap and the transport capacity resources were abundant, it was obviously inefficient in terms of time cost. In the beginning of 2013, the Chengdu Sino-Euro Fast Train held the launching ceremony, which immediately attracted the close attention from TCL multimedia. Later, TCL and the Chengdu Government carried out a contact and negotiation for almost two years. On January 21 this year, after Chengdu Mayor Tang Liangzhi and Chairman Li carried out in-depth exchange, TCL and Chengdu signed the Strategy MOU and Logistics Cooperation Agreement. According to the agreement, TCL will enjoy the fast train services at the sea transportation prices. Therefore, it would only take 23 days to deliver TCL containers from Huizhou, Chengdu to Poland by train. If the complete sets and mass production can be realized in Chengdu, it would only take 16 days, shorten more than half of the 38 sea transportation days. The logistics efficiency would be greatly enhanced.

     On March 25, the Departure Ceremony of the Sino-Euro Fast Train – TCL Special Train was held in Chengdu International Railway Port. 51 TCL containers departed from Chengdu towards TCL Polish plant. By the end of June, TCL has already delivered 505 containers through the China-Europe Block Train (original “Sino-Euro Fast Train”). There are about 300,000 sets of components in total, valuing RMB 0.228 billion. It’s predicted that TCL will deliver about 6,000 containers of materials from Chengdu to Poland by China-Europe Block Train. After two years, there would be as many as 16,000 containers of materials if the capacity of Polish plant can be increased by 100%.

     12 years ago, TCL established its Polish plant witnessed by Hu Jintao, previous State President. 12 years later, present State President Xi Jinping introduced TCL in Poland. The oversea rapid development of TCL depends on the country’s powerful support over the past 12 years! In the future, TCL will allow national brands to glow new vitality in the international stage by taking the China-Europe Block Train and “One Belt and One Road”!