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Set Off Again By The Chance Of “one Belt, One Road” Policy

August 01st,2016

      TCL attempted to expand its business to India 15 years ago and would set off again by the chance of the “One Belt, One Road” policy with its preliminary strategy for its revival in the Indian market by means of localization and win-win partnership with local Indian partners.

      Last year, TCL gained 7.6 billion dollars from overseas sales. Our business progresses smoothly in Europe, North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia. In addition to product sales, we have established factories and R&D centers in some foreign countries. In the future, we will continue to expand our business in different countries. India is our most important target market.

      15 years ago, TCL tried to enter the Indian market but failed due to some reasons. Since the Indian economy is growing and the Chinese government is implementing the “One Belt, One Road”, we have every reason to believe that it is high time for us to restart. Last year, we founded a new Indian business team, which has been diligently analyzing the market and industry and communicating with potential customers.

      At present, our preliminary business revival strategy for the Indian market has taken shape. To succeed in India, we must grasp three key points.

      Firstly, we should localize. India is one of the largest developing countries in the world with a large population and huge market potential, but its economy is relatively backward. While selling products, we will establish our own factories and R&D centers in order to better serve our customers. We hope that our products produced in India will be exported to countries around the world and even the Chinese market. When doing business in India, we also expect to make contributions to local social and economic development.

      Secondly, we should find suitable local Indian partners to drive our development in India by establishing joint ventures or in other forms of cooperation and to realize a win-win situation. We believe that our local partners have better knowledge about the market and customers and we can work together to add more efficiency and competitiveness to our joint ventures so as to provide local customers with better products and services.

      Thirdly, we should make some breakthroughs in internet application and services. China is a global leader in this domain. TCL has also launched a transformation strategy featuring “intelligence + internet” and “product + service”. India has a lot of advantages in this aspect and abounds in market potential. We hope that we can find local partners in this arena to collaboratively develop innovative technologies and products and serve the whole world.