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TCL Corporation Rolls Out Premium Sub-brand XESS

September 28th,2016

 SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Multinational electronics company TCL Corporation hosted its 2016 Autumn new product launch in Guangzhou, China on September 28th. At the event, TCL unveiled its premium sub-brand XESS, as well as the X1 and X2 series of TVs and S1 series of big pads under the brand. China women's national volleyball team head coach Lang Ping, who has been a close friend of TCL for over 20 years, attended the event and was appointed as ambassador for XESS TV at the event.

      XESS launched with the attention

TCL chairman and CEO Tomson Li Dongsheng explained the far-reaching significance of the launch of the premium sub-brand at the event. As one of the pioneers among Chinese manufacturers going global, TCL firmly believes that strong brand awareness is the key to success. Through continuous innovation in technology, design and quality, the XESS brand is expected to strengthen the stature of TCL's brand portfolio on the international stage. Furthermore, XESS is a brand designed specifically to meet the expectation among consumers for high-end products by upgrading the technology and product quality. TCL also plans to leverage its "double +" strategy to enhance service capabilities around its smart products and interconnected applications, incorporating the benefits of "smart + internet" to further fill the market void.

Alice Lee, general manager of TCL's Brand Management Center, added more details when explaining XESS concept at the event. The philosophy behind the new brand is based on four corporate directives: having in place an elite team dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, setting the benchmarks for the industry in terms of technology innovation, reflecting the unmatched high quality of the products through enhanced configurations, deploying simple yet modern designs to highlight a uniqueness in terms of esthetics.

      Lang Ping appointed as ambassador of the XESS suite of television products

 Lang Ping, China women's national volleyball team head coach, attended the event and unveiled the XESS brand at the event. She was appointed as ambassador to the XESS TV products. TCL Chairman Li expressed his happiness to have the premium sub-brand TCL kicked off by Lang Ping. “Originated from China and belonging to the world" is one of the similarities between Lang Ping and XESS.

At the event, Lang told the story of her friendship with TCL Chairman Li and, by extension, with TCL. It is a friendship that dates back more than 20 years, started from when TCL offered a helping hand to China women's volleyball team at the moment of difficulty. In Lang's view, Chairman Li is an ambitious entrepreneur who has remained steadfast in the commitment to his own ideas. In addition, Lang strongly agrees with TCL's corporate philosophy which adheres to the pursuit of excellence in terms of craftsmanship, a "never give up" attitude and an innovative spirit, all of which she believes came together to be the key to TCL's success.

The XESS brand's X1 and X2 TVs represent a perfect combination of high quality as Chairman Li pursues. The two television products incorporate the very best in terms of luminescent material - the Yuecai quantum dot display technology which delivers superior performance in terms of color gamut, pure color display and accurate color presentation. The patented picture quality processing engine dramatically enhances image quality on many levels. Notably, the X1 incorporates the partition backlight technology with the highest number of light-emitting cells in the industry, and features the industry-leading OD 8mm display solution.

The two products demonstrate the pursuit of excellence in design. The X1 went through more than 20 trial production verifications lasting more than 2,500 hours during which each assembly as well as the individual components within each assembly were tested and validated. The X2 features a simple and stylish appearance that is the result of the effort of 40 top designers from six countries. XESS television sets are representative of several of the firm's most advanced products manufactured under TCL's "Intelligence + Internet" strategy. Both models come equipped with the Home Intelligent Control Center which includes three usage options: Magic Cinema, the Home mode and the Intelligent Control mode.

The S1, TCL Communication's big pad product within the XESS family, targets "sandwich families", couples that are "sandwiched" between their children and their parents, and provides tailor-made Children Education, Food and Office modes to meet the needs the different generations within the family unit. In addition, the model supports gesture and voice control, as well as the management of several programs by having multiple windows open at the same time while being able to hop between the windows with a joystick, enabling users to run multiple tasks concurrently and efficiently.

     TCL creates new ecosystem based on the firm's "Smart + internet" strategy

 In addition to the premium XESS brand products, TCL Corporation also launched a series of innovative products under the TCL brand. TCL Communication rolled out two mobile phones -- the TCL 950 and the TCL 580. The TCL 950 is designed to offer busy executives one-stop mobile business solutions. Its Meeting Assistant feature high-quality recording with noise reduction, and support two modes for voice-to-text, one deploying the new artificial technology for higher accuracy and another, allowing voice-to-text when not connected to the internet, with both modes having the capability of simultaneously recording both the voice and the text. Another product, the TCL580, is designed specifically for younger individuals who have more recently entered the workforce, combining metal with glass to create a seamless look and feel.

TCL Home Appliances launched an even larger product lineup, with the highlighted products being the air-cooled, dual-frequency, four-door (in the shape of a + sign) refrigerator backed by 17 patented technologies and the groundbreaking dirt-free washing machine. TCL's "smart and personalized" air conditioners bring the concept of climate control within the home to whole new level, in which product upgrades are driven by consumer feedback, in effect, "user-generated upgrades". The double hose F1 series Zhixiao brand air conditioners target the seniors market, while the "Lexiang" series musical air conditioners that play music while in use are proving quite popular among consumers. TCL's new smart health appliance, the TCL800F air purifier, meets or exceeds most government standards for removing particles from the air, while delivering excellent air cleaning performance for the home.

Over recent years, TCL has created the new ecosystem to combine smart manufacturing and service features that can be delivered over the internet, with a focus on home, mobile and commercial applications. With TCL's overall ecosystem subdivided into four "ecological chains" -- education, entertainment, lifestyle and games – and each one gradually reaching a level of maturity in terms of the user experience that is being delivered, TCL's internet application services are demonstrating their advantages through differentiated content services.