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The TCL Corporation Achieved a Net Profit of 1.979 Billion RMB in the First Half Year

August 15th,2014

The TCL corporation released the interim report for 2014 on August 15th. During the reported period, TCL achieved a revenue of 43.793 billion RMB and a net profit of 1.979 billion RMB, this is 12.1% and 85.7% more compared with to the same period in the previous year. 1.474 billion RMB net profit belongs to shareholders of listed companies, increased by 90.8% compared with the same period of the previous year, achieving 0.167 RMB basic earnings per share.

The increase is mainly due to rapid progress of CSOT and communication. CSOT realized full production and full sales in the first half year of 2014, with sales revenue of 8.506 billion RMB and a net profit of 981 million RMB, an increase of 24.8% and 10.0% respectively compared with the same period of the previous year. TCL communication sales revenue is 9.671 billion RMB, it increased remarkably by 88.8%, with a net profit of 340 million RMB. The average selling price of 39.8 USD last year is up to 52.3 USD, and the gross profit rate has increased to 26.3%. Intelligent terminal products sales volume grew substantially by 219.9%.