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TCL's“Double +”strategic transformation accelerates implementation, with big investment in O2O platform

April 10th,2014

On April 9, 2014, TCL Corporation held a grand spring conference in Shenzhen OCT Bay, accelerating the implementation of its" Double +" strategic transformation. TCL officially launched the O2O platform project at the conference, announcing the establishment of TCL Culture & Media Company designed for content construction and "loyal fan" platform. In addition, TCL also released a powerful new lineup of intelligent Internet new products and service platforms, including professional gaming platforms, game consoles, high definition video communications systems, the latest 4Gmobile phone, Meme Da smart mobile phone and smart access devices, as well as a healthy air conditioner and an intelligent air purifier for home users.

Creating ultimate product experience with customer orientation

Tomson Li stressed at the conference the core substance of TCL’s" Double +" strategic transformation, first, is to transform from product management in the past to product and user management, to develop smart products and services with ultimate experience through Internet thinking. Second, there will be a focus on rebuilding its business model for the Internet era with" Products+ Services", and based on this idea establish business processes and organizational systems as required by the strategic transformation.

TCL is now accelerating the implementation of this strategy. In terms of promoting intelligent products, TCL has three product lines: home entertainment terminals, smart mobile terminals and smart healthy appliances. On this basis, TCL has set up an application service platform that builds the ecosystem for content providers, service providers and application developers, while providing users with home entertainment, healthy living and intelligent butler solutions.

At the conference, TCL Multimedia, traditionally a color TV enterprise, uncharacteristically did not release any new television, but instead launched the world's first dual fusion professional gaming platform and game console T². It is reported that the platform is the world's first professional gaming platform based on television, which in the future will be fully equipped with the TCL TV+ Series of Intelligent Internet TV product lineA71, E5700 and E67OO. Its QLED (quantum dot light emitting diode TV), UHD surface TV and 4K naked eye 3D TV series were also unveiled, attracting attention of the audience.

TCL Multimedia CEO Hao Yi said that in addition to the gaming platform, TCL launched a video platform last year and jointly issued TCL iQiyi TV+ with iQiyi. Subsequently, it will continue to launch educational platform and life platforms, so as to provide users with a full range of entertainment solutions through" Products+ Services", committed to developing TCL Multimedia into a global entertainment technology company adhering to the principle of "Entertainment is meant to be so".

TCL Communications Technology exhibited the latest 4Gsmart phone, tablet PCs, smart wearable devices, access devices and smart accessories, intelligent terminals and other mobile smart terminals at the site, including the latest eight-core ultra-thin S720 Meme Da smartphone, the world's thinnest 4G phone S838M, the popular cost-effective mobile J738M, large screen slim smart phone TCL J938M, idolX+ eight-core smartphone and wireless home gateways, demonstrating TCL’s technical accumulation as well as its research and design capabilities in mobile intelligent terminals.

Wang Jiyang, TCL Communications Technology COO, said that in the 4G network environment, TCL Communications would fully support cloud strategy, bringing users faster and slicker use and experience through intelligent terminal groups and communications services based on home cloud and personal cloud services. TCL Communications Technology will transform from a manufacturer of mobile phones into a "global technology enterprise of mobile intelligent terminals and Internet applications".

In addition, TCL also brought out new intelligent healthy appliance products, including air conditioners and the world's first smart air purifiers, to realize integrated smart control and considerate household value added services with Internet technology.

Restructuring online and offline business, providing ultimate service experience

TCL’s layout in services has also been in full swing, forming four major service frameworks of service platform, content services, O2O and financial services based on Internet applications.

During this spring conference, as an important initiative of implementing "Double +" strategic transformation, TCL officially announced the launch of the O2O platform project. It is understood that TCL's O2O platform is an entity integrating Cool Friends E-commerce, SPD and Koyoo Services as well as other experience shops and exclusive stores in China that relate to TCL Multimedia, Communications and Home Appliances. The company name is Cool Friends Technology, with RMB 500 million of registered capital. The O2O platform will assume the business of online and offline sales, distribution and services of TCL’s different industries. Industry analysts believe that this will be the main driving force in TCL’s implementation of Internet strategy-- "Double +" strategic transformation.

Leading the upgrade of content consumption and creating fans

TCL Huan Network Technology now has 4.76 million Smart TV users, providing services to many TCL intelligent terminal users through cooperation with iQiyi, Wasu and Bes TV. "TCLoud" already has 1.76 million domestic users, providing services to the constantly growing millions of smart mobile terminal users through cooperation with domestic and foreign operators and service providers. Open Education, in which TCL invests, is providing remote network academic education for four million students, with the largest number of online university education users. TCL Culture and Media Company, which is newly established, provides a variety of content experiences for users, mainly through television investment, media operation and management of licensed merchandise, and with leverage of TCL Chinese Theatre and Hollywood movie resources.

For the creation of a user platform, TCL Corporation officially declared the establishment of a" loyal fan" platform at the press conference. TCL’s fans are known as" T fans", and they are oriented to the O2O system. The online community is called" T fans community", while the T fans off line conduct regular activities. With this platform, users can also participate in TCL's whole process of product design, development, testing and evaluation. TCL will also create a user database to exploit user value and provide users with an unexpected positive experience.

The industry believes that, with the implementation and rapid promotion of a series of initiatives of TCL’s "Double +" strategic transformation, TCL has taken advantage of its execution of establishing a new management and organization system as well as building new market competitiveness.