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“Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards”announced, TCL among the list

August 02nd,2014

Recently, the fourth "Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards" was announced in Singapore, and TCL Corporation stood out from intense competition between hundreds of businesses in different areas. This was the second time after winning the award in 2012.

As the industry's most prestigious award, Asia's Best Employer is co-hosted by the Employer Branding Institute, World Conference of Human Resource Development and Industrial Star Group, which is designed to reward outstanding enterprises as models of human resource management. In the review, the jury affirmed TCL’s achievements in creating an open business environment, strengthening staff training systems and enhancing professional quality of the staff. They also cited TCL’s contributions in promoting the construction and improvement of talent management systems in modern enterprises.

In this regard, TCL Corporation’s Vice President and Human Resources Director, and President of Academy of Leadership Development, Xu Fang, said, TCL Corporation was honored to win Asia’s Best Employer Award again. It is one of TCL’s core concepts in its globalization of business to respect all employees, assist employees’ growth and adhere to talent pool and systematic training procedures. TCL has always been convinced that employees are our most important and valuable asset, which is the key to our success. Xu Fang stressed that TCL will not be a "presser", but a" gas station." In the future, TCL will continue to absorb, train and reserve more innovative, diversified and globalized talents, striving to become the most competitive business in the global market and the most respected outstanding employer.

Xu Fang stated that, in terms of talent management, TCL is most distinctive in the "Eagle series personnel training program". The program contains" Grand Eagle Project" for high-level managers, "Good Eagle Project" for middle-level managers and" Flying Eagle Project" for grassroots managers, as well as "Foal Eagle Project" for newly recruited college students, forming a comprehensive and dimensional system of personnel management, with a resulting output of a large number of excellent and highly competitive employees.

TCL has long been concerned with the development and reservation of university personnel, with 18 consecutive years in campus recruitment nationwide, introducing nearly 20,000 talents with TCL eagle quality, who have become the backbone of enterprise development. As the90’s college graduates are about to enter the workplace, TCL also sends corporate executives into the campus to have in-depth exchanges with students through large auditorium activities, effectively increasing the TCL campus employer brand image. From 2012 onwards, TCL has participated in TCL Open Day activities on campuses, in order to deepen exchanges between schools and enterprises through visiting TCL and feeling its corporate culture up close. Over the past two years, TCL has launched overseas recruitment and overseas internship programs. The participation of considerable domestic and outstanding foreign graduates builds a multicultural team for TCL, assisting in the goal of deeper globalization.

It is understood that, as one of China's largest consumer electronics enterprises on a global scale, TCL Corporation has 68,000 employees in more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania, who come from all over the world and have different backgrounds and cultures. Through TCL personnel training and management mechanisms, the problem of differences in culture, communication and work between employees has been effectively solved, which enhances the employees’ identity for the company and sense of belonging. The realization of individual value increases the cohesion and solidarity of the company, providing great help for the development of TCL.