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TCL Corporation establishes Finance Business Headquarters

October 22nd,2014

On October 22, 2014, TCL Corporation announced the formal establishment of its Finance Business Headquarters, co-coordinating the management of financial services throughout the company, appointing Assistant President Du Juan as the President. The establishment of Finance Business Headquarters is an important stage for the financial services sector under TCL’s "Double +" strategic transformation, and also one of the business segments for user-oriented service capability with focused construction.

The announcement shows that currently the subjects of the operation and management of TCL Finance Business Headquarters include: TCL Finance Co., Ltd., Huizhou ZhongKai TCL Zhirong Technology Microfinance Limited, Shenzhen Qianhai Qihang Supply Chain Management CO., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai Huiyintong Technology Limited. In addition, the Finance Business Headquarters will also represent the company to exercise equity management functions of financial shares companies.

TCL formally established the Finance Business Headquarters with the vision of "providing users with simple wise and warm financial solutions and experience" to create a credible, standardized and sustainable financial platform for the industry. The Finance Business Headquarters will focus on building and improving various abilities for market expansion, platform operation and risk control. In deepening the financial market and improving profitability, it relies on industry background to efficiently integrate the business flow, information flow and capital flow in the industry chain of the Company, and make full use of financial resources to actively innovate financial products. It actively explores consumer credit, third-party payments and other user-oriented financial services to provide more financial value-added services for the industry chain, partners and customers. Meanwhile it collaboratively develops the financial service sector with the company’s O2O business, Internet application services and other service sectors, to establish Internet financial service capabilities.

TCL It is noteworthy that TCL’s establishment of Financial Business Headquarters is not to simply satisfy the service within the enterprise, but spreads its tentacles into the more lucrative area of Internet banking. It is the core objective for TCL’s expansion of its financial landscape to establish an industry financial platform and ecosystem. As a globalized enterprise with an annual production value of nearly RMB 100 billion, TCL Corporation currently has 75,000 employees, nearly 30,000 T member companies, large-scale upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises and business partners and hundreds of millions of consumers. These resources are expected to become potential customers of the future financial industry platform to achieve the long-term goal of promoting production with finance internally and developing the platform externally. According to the Corporation, TCL launched the establishment of "TCL Related Entrepreneur Association" industry alliance in June this year, introducing resources and outputting management, so as to jointly build a new vitality of physical economy, with the values of "trust, cooperation and win-win". Even in the cold winter we can still hold together for warmth, and grow together. TCL Finance expects zero-distance contact with partners, users and social customers, to build an outstanding finance brand with warmth.

The industry believes that TCL’s establishment of its Finance Business Headquarters is an important measure to follow the market trends and enhance its overall competitiveness. Relying on industry chain advantages, TCL builds its industry financial open platform with its unique advantages through open integration of resources to enhance TCL’s core competitive advantage and achieve the layout plan which has significant strategic importance.