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2014 China’s Most Valuable Brands announced, TCL ranking first in color TV list with RMB 66.8 billion

October 22nd,2014

On October 22, 2014, the 20th "China's Most Valuable Brands" top 100 list was announced in Beijing. TCL Corporation continues to rank sixth in China’s top 100 brands, with a brand value of RMB 66.859 billion, ranking first in the Chinese TV manufacturing industry for nine consecutive years.

This not only demonstrates TCL’s progressing and rising global brand influence, but also reflects the role of its "Double +" transformation strategy in promoting the brand value, providing reference for traditional enterprises to achieve strategy transformation and business breakthroughs in the Internet era.

As the earliest professional research of brand value comparison with the longest duration, China’s brand value research is mainly targeted at the leading brands created in one hundred consumer class markets of competitive industry throughout China, promoting the flourishing of independent brands based upon the exploration of the meaning and development law, which currently has become an important reference for understanding Chinese brands. The report of 2014 China’s Brand Value notes that in 2013 the average income of the top 100 Chinese brands was RMB 25.191 billion, an increase of 12.41% over the previous year, higher than the national GDP growth of 7.7%. And the average operating profit was RMB 2.466 billion, increasing by 8.94% over the previous year. Since the six years from the occurrence of the financial crisis, the revenue and profit of top 100 brands has had a total growth of 134.55% and 181.45% respectively, which shows good momentum of synchronized growth, highlighting the anti-risk capability and competitiveness of Chinese brands. At the same time, the rapid development of the Internet economy has prompted the transformation of China's brand development. To be ready to meet the challenge is the biggest highlight of this year's Chinese brand value standings.