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TCL released blockbuster new products in 2015, to build core competitiveness

April 08th,2015

On April 8, 2015, 2015 TCL spring new product conference was held in Shenzhen, with a comprehensive display of product innovation at the anniversary of "double +" transformation strategy, and debut of the blockbuster curved surface quantum dot TV H8800, innovative True Color Series modules TV E6800, smart phone IDOL3 with new user-friendly design and smart watch which gained iF Design Award. What are also released as blockbuster products are the featured Internet products "Happiness Doctor" APP and "Ketian video cloud services". In addition to the release of new products, Chairman & CEO of TCL Group Tomson Li also made clear of the future direction of the Group, pointing out the future positioning of TCL Corporation will be "Globalized intelligent manufacturing and Internet application services business group."

This time, TCL launched its new blockbuster curved surface quantum dot TV --TV + curved surface H8800 series, combined with today's top two core technologies of quantum dots and curved surface in the color TV industry. Quantum dots break through the "ceiling" of previous curved TV in color gamut, achieving industry-leading 110% NTSC color gamut, with major breakthrough in accurate color expression, stunning four-color performance, high contrast and comfortable viewing experience. This product truly integrates the quantum dots light pipe and quantum dot enhancement film technology, enabling TCL to stand on the high ground of global display technology industry once again. In the aspect of curved surface, the 4000R curvature adopted by TV + H8800 Series creates a new record in curvature, which has greatly enhanced the picture quality, with Harman Kardon stereo, bringing audio and video experience at IMAX-level curved screen cinema.

In addition, TCL at this conference also launched another innovative product - module TV, with different configurations of intelligent television performance by freely plugging a smart card, and massive video content and a variety of intelligence services, providing truly personalized services.

All along, user experience-oriented products are widely popular. The latest smart phone IDOL3 presented at this conference was most appealing to the eyes. The unique and innovative symmetrical design can identify the handset intelligently, and freely answer at both ends; at the same time the dual sound chamber design co-developed with JBL can achieve 3D cinematic sound field effect when played without handset.

There’s a particularly compelling product on site, the smart watch that just gained iF industrial design awards. This watch can do health monitoring and message alerts on human at any time, and enables remote control camera, with battery life up to 2.5 days and compatibility with Android and iOS systems, which is the highlight of the product.

With the starting point of Internet thinking, TCL also issued a "happy doctor" health care self-service application, integrating mobile Internet and health care, with the entry of mobile terminals to help users achieve healthy habits index monitoring, self-diagnosis, appointment registration, purchase of medicines and electronic medical record services. In addition, "Ketian video cloud service" at the release is a business video communications platform providing domestic enterprises and industry users with multi-party HD video communication services, and the users can enjoy commercial grade video conferencing anytime, anywhere, simply through smart phones, tablet computers, computers, smart TV, and other terminals.

Based on active promotion of the "double +" transformation strategy, TCL continues development and construction of the Internet ecosystem for the existing and emerging businesses. At the conference, TCL announced that it reached a tripartite strategic-level cooperation in platform, content and license with Tencent and Future Television with strong integration of resources, which integrates TCL leading hardware design capabilities, Tencent huge and exclusive premium video resources, and national Internet TV and new media operational capacity of Future Television, forming a broadcast and control platform based on internet TV, to create the strongest ecosystem of internet to provide users with the ultimate product and service experience.

In addition, K Channels under South Korean Apollo Group with priorities of South Korea KBS, SBS, MBC televisions, has become a partner to build TCL TV + content ecosystem. The company has massive Korean drama, movies, live performances, arts, music, beauty, and other South Korean front-line film and television content and e-commerce services. In the future, users can enjoy the wonderful Korean entertainment through TCL TV; TCL will enjoy the right of first release of K Channel in China and priority buyout of S-class sources, and the highest level of content of K Channel will also give priority to the TCL platform.

2015 is the first year of "Internet +". As the first to explore the Internet transformation and representative enterprise achieving remarkable results, TCL will further accelerate the "double +" Internet-based transformation strategy, deepen the specific business development of projects in transition, to open a new leaf for value growth.