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Smart home strategy accelerates implementation, TCL brings new products at CeBIT

March 17th,2015

From March 16 to 20, Hanover Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication Fair (CeBIT) was held in Hannover, Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Vice-Premier of the State Council Ma Kai attended the opening ceremony. Upholding the "smart home strategy", TCL Corporation united with many products from its telecommunications, home appliances and multimedia industries for the debut, with the core of smart home solutions, sketching out a picture of future home life with full sense of technology and quality. The blockbuster debut at CeBIT reflects TCL's product and service layout in the smart home industry, and its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of future smart home users through upgrading.

Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai from China and Gabriel from Germany led respective delegations to visit TCL booth together, senior vice president of TCL Corporation and TCL Communications CEO Dr. Geogre Guo demonstrated TCL's core products on site, and reported to the leadership of the two delegations TCL’s leading core technology and global operations.

On this CeBIT, TCL declared its commitment to promoting cross-brand interoperability of smart home appliances, to build cross-brand cooperation ans establish ecosystem for sub-sectors through smart appliances carried on the cloud platform to be connected to the backstage information processing and services of the cloud. TCL demonstrated its product of "intelligent steward" which is the management center of smart home. This product combines the functions of intelligent routers, multimedia set-top boxes and home gateways, through which users can know the working status of intelligent appliances and manage permissions for different users at any time.

In addition to the interoperability of various appliances to meet the diverse needs of intelligent family life, TCL focuses on human experience in the implementation of smart home strategy. In this exhibition, TCL demonstrated the solution of "managing multi-terminals by one machine", to achieve unified management and control of a number of smart appliances through an intelligent home application management platform, to meet the needs of (remote) management and maintenance, security management and energy management of household equipment.

At the Exposition, TCL has also demonstrated the global leading Internet high definition video communications cloud services by its subsidiary-Ketian company: you can enjoy commercial grade video conference anytime, anywhere through smart phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and other terminals. Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai from China and Gabriel from Germany led respective delegations to visit TCL booth, happily experiencing the multi-screen interaction of the system. Dr. Geaorge Guo, TCL senior vice president, introduced the outstanding advantages of this service to the two deputy premiers. Compared with traditional video conferencing systems, it has low initial investment cost, service on demand, easy to use and fast deployment.

At the Exposition, the TV + quantum dot TV H9700 representing the future development trend of TV industry became another highlight of TCL booth. The color gamut coverage of H9700 is up to 110%, with wider color gamut coverage, more precise color control and purer red, green and blue than OLED. The product also adopts Nordic impression minimalist design, and is equipped with TV + OS and applications like the first theater, WeChat connectivity and massive video content, and Harman Kardon A-class audio, striving to create a more real, smarter and more stunning home entertainment experience for consumers. In addition, the 110 inches curved surface TV using 4K resolution LED-backlit LCD screen also got huge concern on the spot, which has active 3D, intelligent dynamic backlight and other advanced technology, and can achieve ultra-high brightness of 800 nits, thereby creating a super visual sense of home theater.

On the site of the Exhibition, the demonstration environment of TCL smart home system was formed by TCL smart TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers, routers, lighting, access control systems and surveillance cameras. With the inlet of smart home system through TCL Tablet PC, the pre-installed "smart housekeeper" Management Center has a very friendly user interface to simulate the scene of the 3D home, and project the layout and furnishings directly onto the smart terminal, plus voice control of the whole house. It is smart, simple and easy, realizing monitoring and remote control of intelligent device.