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May 17th,2016

      On March 29, the Chinese national football team, which had long been a bad example, amazed everyone. In the final of the contest for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Chinese national football team, guided by French coach Perrin, had two ties with Hong Kong and was defeated by Qatar, nearly falling into a dead-end. The possibility to qualify was merely theoretical. At that moment, most people believed that the team was hopeless. At that juncture, Gao Hongbo voluntarily took the responsibility of the chief commander of the team and vowed that he would never be the coach of the Chinese national football team should he fail to lead the team to win the last two games. Eventually, the team won the two games and was promoted into the Asia Top 12 under his command. The victory of the Chinese national football team is a good case of the saying “Survival only comes after despair”.

      The rebirth of the Chinese national football team reminds us of a sentence repeated by Chairman Li on various occasions this year, “One step forward means to go to war and one step backward to fall into the abyss.” Even though the way ahead is risky, one still has the hope for survival if daring to struggle with valor and we will definitely fall and die if retreating. This catch phrase describes a situation without any way out, in which one is courting death if stepping forward, will definitely die if stepping backward and can only wait to die if remaining still. Only by struggling and marching forward relentlessly can one hope for survival.

      At present, the global economy is still in a depression while the Chinese economy continues slackening. It is estimated that China’s GDP will grow by 6.7% this year. The slowdown of economic growth has caused many enterprises to undergo a tough time, and the conditions for survival are deteriorating day by day. On the one hand, the cross-domain competition with internet enterprises that adopt the mode of “free hardware and paid services” has cornered conventional hardware producing and selling enterprises like TCL to an impasse. Only by progressing with the times and grasping the opportunities will we get through the life-and-death crisis. Therefore, in the current situation, we must fight without room for maneuvering. We can only see the light of hope by confronting challenges confidently and applying the strategy of transforming, updating and going global.

      TCL has also come through critical moments. It suffered from huge losses due to the two crossborder mergers and acquisitions from 2004 to 2005 and was on the edge of collapse. As the head of the enterprise, Chairman Li said, “TCL is a vessel and I am her captain. If she sinks, I will surely sink with her.” Faced with crisis, Chairman Li demonstrated his sense of responsibility as an entrepreneur. His inspiring words ignited the passion of all TCL staff and refueled them at that time. Therefore, all TCL staff closely worked together to make changes with the valor of revival under the leadership of Chairman Li, and eventually injected new life into the enterprise.

      Chairman Li once said that the strength of spirit is our key to triumph over our rivals. He added that an entrepreneur can find himself a way out only by always preserving his confidence, perseverance and the resolution to vanquish his rivals without taking any route of retreat. This is the spirit and vigor of surviving through despair.

      The reason for the resurrection of the Chinese n a t i o n a l f o o t b a l l t e a m i s G a o H o n g b o ’ s abandoning his leeway and heroic feelings described in the verse “A warrior will never come back once he marches toward the battlefield”. Affected by this resolution and vigor, all the players of the team refreshed their spiritual outlook and eventually achieved triumph after desperation. Since competitive sports and enterprise management have much in common, we will be the final winner if we are as brave as Gao Hongbo.